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If you are a planning for a long trip, don’t waste your money on a plane flight. You will pay through the nose just to sit in cramped seating with strangers and eat bad airline food, only to arrive at your destination and spend an eternity trying to get out of the airport terminal. The same goes for charter buses with the big national companies: you’ll spend hours crammed like a sardine between two snoring strangers, dreading those trips to the less-than-hygienic lavatory in the back of the bus. The good news is these aren’t your only choices. With tour bus rentals from KLS Transportation Services, Inc., you can have your cake and eat it too. Low prices, world-class amenities, and ample room for everyone to feel like they have their privacy – all this and more with KLS tour bus rentals!

Let us share some more details about our popular tour bus rentals with you. When you choose KLS for tour bus rentals, you get 8-12 bunks, we each their own TV (a perfect solution to everyone fighting over programming), along with a beautiful kitchenette, lounge area, and shower. Our tour bus rentals come with DirecTV and Wi-Fi, so you can have access to your favorite shows and all the Internet has to offer while traveling on the open road. Doesn’t that sound much better than being treated like a piece of cargo by the big bus and airline companies? Now traveling doesn’t have to be that hassle you must get through before you finally reach your destination. Instead, traveling is something to which you can look forward.

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