Centuries of Luxury Transportation Have Brought us Here – to KLS November 18, 2014

Luxury transportation goes back to Ancient Rome, when porters would carry the elite on litters, or lectica. The limousines of antiquity were usually chairs or beds – sometimes closed; sometimes open – atop platforms held aloft by carrying poles. The same basic designs were called jiao in China, palanquin in India, and a whole host of other names in countries and cultures around the world. They eventually lost their appeal, in many places replaced by horse-drawn carriages before automobiles arrived…

Luxury Transportation in LA Goes Green November 18, 2014

KLS Transportation Services, Inc., the leading provider of luxury limousine service in Los Angeles, has added a new vehicle to its fleet, and already the Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid Sedan is garnering rave reviews from their discerning clientele. The S400 handles like a dream. It is spacious but sprightly; it is sophisticated and genteel, but able to hold its own with other powerhouses of the autobahn. This fine specimen of German engineering combines environmental sustainability, luxury and comfort like never before….

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