How Does It Feel To Ride In The BMW 740 Li ? November 20, 2014

A firsthand look at the BMW 740Li, our new addition to our Los Angeles limousine service. Do you value comfort, safety and luxurious style? If you’re a busy executive traveler or a jet-setter with a taste for luxury on the road, the BMW 740 Li rental from KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services is the car for you. With more legroom than first class flights, the 740 Li luxury sedan provides a ride smoother than butter. The rear seat is tailor-made for…

Limo Service in LA for Nine Inch Nails at the Hollywood Bowl November 19, 2014

Los Angeles is one of the most difficult areas in the United States to navigate. This issue is primarily caused by three things: the large amount of tourism to the area, the large land area, and the large population. Events can compound this issue by attracting a large group of people to a very confined area. On the already clogged streets of LA, this is a recipe for disaster. On August 25th, Nine Inch Nails is playing the Hollywood Bowl…

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