Environmentally Friendly Luxury Coaches November 20, 2014

For just about any trip around the United States, a luxury coach is the best way for you to move about. If you have previously decided on planning a trip by luxury coach then you have decided on the best value, as it is the most environmentally friendly method of traveling. For example, a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the co2 emitted for each voyager works out to be 747 pounds by plane, 284 pounds in a mid-sized…

Luxury Transportation in LA Goes Green November 18, 2014

KLS Transportation Services, Inc., the leading provider of luxury limousine service in Los Angeles, has added a new vehicle to its fleet, and already the Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid Sedan is garnering rave reviews from their discerning clientele. The S400 handles like a dream. It is spacious but sprightly; it is sophisticated and genteel, but able to hold its own with other powerhouses of the autobahn. This fine specimen of German engineering combines environmental sustainability, luxury and comfort like never before….

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