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Are you planning to tour the country with your band mates? Looking for a form of transportation that doesn’t involve the whole lot of you getting stuffed like sardines into your friend’s Toyota? The solution is a fully equipped sleeper coach, the perfect choice for a band on the go. Complete with a kitchenette, shower, lounge area, and 8-12 bunks (each with their own television set), the sleeper coach also comes with 2-3 large screen TVs (42”) with DirecTV and Wi-Fi. Now you have access to a luxurious sleeper coach with all modern amenities you would expect from a first-rate luxury transportation company like KLS Transportation Services, Inc.

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The sleeper coach is well-suited to even the most successful band on tour, but KLS believes this kind of quality transportation should be available to people with a wide range of budgets. That is why we offer the sleeper coach at very affordable rates. Nowhere else will you find such an exceptional quality sleeper coach at such competitive prices. If you are interested in learning more about our sleeper coach, or about any of the vehicles in our extensive fleet, we encourage you to contact us directly with any questions or concerns that you might have. Our customer service team is standing by right now to provide you with attentive, personalized service.

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