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Welcome to KLS, the leading provider of limo service in Irvine. After opening our doors in 1998, we enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity as loyal customers went on to recommend our limo service in Irvine to their professional colleagues in the finance, entertainment, and government sectors. KLS caters to a diverse group of power players from Wall Street and Washington, as well as A-list celebrities and executives in the Hollywood industry. Respected public figures and business leaders, along with assorted glitterati depend on our limo service in Irvine for a consistently luxurious, professional atmosphere.

Here at KLS, we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to both our diverse fleet of vehicles, and friendly and helpful customer service representatives, and our core group of professional drivers. Every vehicle in the KLS fleet is regularly inspected and kept immaculately clean. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing first-class assistance; you can expect your questions and concerns to be addressed in a prompt, courteous manner. Last but not least, our chauffeurs are an elite cadre of highly trained, experienced, and respectful professionals. For these reasons and more, our limo service in Long Beach and elsewhere in Southern California stands head and shoulders above the competition.

We encourage you to contact us directly to find out more about our nearby limo service in Newport Beach, and to make a reservation. Perhaps you are visiting Irvine for a business meeting. Perhaps you are shooting a film and need a private car service in Irvine for a VIP, or are planning to attend a red carpet event and would like to arrive in style. Here at KLS, we take the time to understand the individual needs and desires of each client, and then do our best to accommodate them.

If you need limo service in Hollywood, Irvine, or elsewhere in Southern California, call us at (877)936-5466

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