Limo Service Huntington Beach

The nightlife in Huntington Beach has come a long way over the past decade. Huntington was once a sleepy surfing community with an unassuming small town atmosphere. Now, with limo service from Long Beach and other nearby communities to Huntington Beach, it’s not uncommon to see someone heading out to the main street strip in a Rolls Royce Phantom or a stylish new BMW 740LI, driven by a chauffeur, and rolling right up to the velvet rope. Limo service in Huntington Beach is just one of the areas that KLS has turned into a nighttime mecca for the people of Southern California. Better still, pile into a party bus and head to the night spots of Huntington Beach in a pack. Similar limo service in Anaheim and other Orange County hot spots and limo service in Hollywood are growing in popularity too.

Make your appearance at Hurricane Bar & Grill for the light show, and get on the dance floor. But first, show up in style in a KLS Luxury vehicle thanks to our limo service Huntington Beach. Turn heads with more than your fashion sense and your taste in night spots, but also your fantastic ride. Of course many of our customers in need of limo service in Huntington Beach are the type of VIPs who would turn heads no matter their choice of ride. When you step out of a Mercedes Benz S550, however, onlookers will think you’re one too.

But even better than making an appearance solo or with a date, is heading out with your whole crew to Baja Sharkeez or Huntington Beach Beer Company, and get your drink on. You’ll have already had a few on the way there if you chose one of our luxury party buses, but the party will arrive in Huntington Beach the moment you and your friends get there.

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