CADILLAC XTS March 20, 2014

A refined classic with an all-new finish, the Cadillac XTS offers a luxury approach for standard sedan transportation. With 40 inches of rear seat leg room, clients have ample space for comfort and portable electronic device charging ports are located conveniently nearby. All sedans at KLS Transportation come equipped with free WiFi, XM Radio, and Bluetooth audio sync.    

MERCEDES BENZ S550 March 20, 2014

Mercedes Benz S550: The Mercedes S550 is a standout leader in quality and elegance, and has a backseat with every amenity possible to provide extra comfort to travelers. The backseat recline feature allows for many different lumbar positions and the massage function makes long trips extra relaxing. The S550 has a 4.7-liter, twin-turbo charged V8 engine with electronic stability for a powerful and smooth ride, and the tinted windows have infrared-reflective glass to reduce noise and heat.

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