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Your wedding is the most important moment of your life. At KLS, we get everything right on your big day, down to the last detail. Call us and find out how seriously we take your wedding limo. Our customizable , flexible services include planning and coordination of the event (if you wish), along with decorations and more, performed by KLS, in-house, because you have more important things to worry about!


  • After over 900 weddings, it’s safe to say we’re experienced.
  • Our packages range from 3 hours of transportation up to 8 hours.
  • With the 8 hour package, get FREE honeymoon airport drop-off. We provide LAX airport car service or transportation from any other Los Angeles airport or nearby.
  • Wedding services from KLS are performed worldwide.
  • We have more than just sedans and limos, but guest transportation including mini coach and tour bus services.
  • Our highly trained and experienced team is ready for the challenges of hard-to-please guests, or guests who are difficult to accommodate. No challenge is too great! As a luxury transportation service in business since 1998, we’re here to stay. Compare our time as a business to most of our competition.
  • Event sizes: no upper limit. As the wedding limo in Los Angeles hired for the weddings of Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, we’ve handled weddings with up to 400 people in attendance, but we won’t stop there.
  • Not just limousines, but also Rolls Royce Phantom, Rolls Royce Ghost, BMW, Mercedes sedans and more. Make a FREE appointment to check out our fleet in person before you decide. Get the vehicles you love.rolls-royce-ghost-and-phantom-wedding-los-angeles
  • Shuttle Service: If your wedding guests need transportation from the ceremony to the reception, or across a large property, our fleet of luxury shuttles is up to the task!
  • Our in-house wedding planning is available to work out logistics to whatever degree necessary, or function seamlessly as a team with your own wedding planner.
  • Car decoration is available at low cost. Turn your wedding limo into a “Just Married”-mobile the easy way.
  • We also provide transportation for bachelor and bachelorette parties.



At KLS, experience has made our business into a well-oiled machine, and there’s no more important time for this than your wedding. Our drivers plan down to the second, and can shift and improvise for any last minute change. The cars themselves are kept in a state of mechanical and cosmetic excellence by our dedicated in-house maintenance staff.
Instant rate lookup and convenient scheduling are at our reservation page, or call us 24/7 at 855-284-8488 for reservations or with questions.

Wedding Packageswedding rolls royce phantome

At KLS, we provide the best luxury driving service in Los Angeles. As a result, people use our services to get them to the events that are important to them. One of those events is of course getting married. Our wedding packages ensure that the transportation to one of the most important days of one’s life will go without a hitch. Through seasoned, experienced chauffeurs, our luxury wedding packages provide a bride and groom with unmatched comfort, elegance, and class.

With your choice from our incredible fleet of luxury and fuel efficient “green” cars, our wedding packages will privately escort you and/or your family to your big day.


Los Angeles Wedding Limousine


Getting hitched is something that is celebrated with much joy and festivity. Hence, it follows that you would spare no expenses in order to make this day truly special. For the individuals getting married in Los Angeles, it is recommended to check the Los Angeles Wedding Limousine out. Before you turn this option down thinking that it is way too extravagant, you might perhaps want to know more about the option and at least hear about it. With all the facts in hand, you can be the judge as to how good the Los Angeles Wedding Limo option really is.

los-angeles-wedding-shuttleFirst, it might interest you to know that getting a Los Angeles Wedding Limousine is not really as expensive as most people think. If you go to the right place, you can be assured of getting the limousine for a real bargain price.Therefore, avoiding the option for the cost factor is something that you give a miss. There are a number of different trim levels for you to pick out from here, depending mainly on what it is that you are looking out for. Depending on what kind of an experience you are looking out for, you can go for that particular kind of Los Angeles Wedding Limousine.

The other aspect that makes Los Angeles Wedding Limousine so lucrative is that the cars are all of pristine quality and come loaded with all the dream amenities that you expect to find in such a car. Hence, if you want to truly experience what it is like to live in style, you should definitely check this option out. Not only will you end up liking it over a period of time, but you are also going to remember this day forever! Many people that experience a limousine ride for the first time in their life are extremely exhilarated with the option once it is over.

Wedding Planners

With over 900 events under our belt we know how to throw a great wedding! You have a lot to take of planning your client’s wedding so take off some of the pressure and hand it over to us! There’s no upper limit to your wedding group and our experienced staff can accommodate even the most challenging of guests. We’re the most trusted company when handling weddings in Los Angeles. Give us a call right away!

Shuttle Service: If your wedding guests need transportation from the ceremony to the reception, or across a large property, our fleet of luxury shuttles is up to the task!

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