LA Transportation Meets Hi-Tech Luxury November 20, 2014

In the extremely competitive world of private enterprise, there are companies that take advantage of the latest technologies to streamline their business, and there are companies that are sluggish to see the opportunities and end up getting left behind in the dust. Consumers invariably reward those businesses that continue looking for new and innovative ways to make life easier and more enjoyable for them. Nowhere is such a dedication to customer care – and the clever use of new technology…

Defining Luxury Transportation In LA November 20, 2014

With great service comes a great reputation. It really is that simple. Positive word-of-mouth spreads… satisfied customers recommend a company’s service to their friends, family, and colleagues… good press follows… and glowing reviews pile up. Such is the case with KLS Transportation Services, Inc., the hardest-working Los Angeles limousine company in the luxury transportation industry. They started off small, but over the many years they have been faithfully serving the Los Angeles community, they have grown by leaps and bounds,…

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