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In the immortal words of Steppenwolf, it’s time to “head out on the highway, looking for adventure.”  You and your fellow musicians are taking it on the road, and you’re searching for some dependable transportation. Here’s a little advice: if you want to enjoy the trip, and not drive each other nuts from being crammed into the same space together for long hours, do a little research and find a band tour bus that really meets your needs. Here at KLS Transportation Services, Inc., our band tour bus is extremely popular with groups that are headed for one gig or touring for weeks or even months at a time to destinations all over the country.

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Consider just a few of the many reasons why our coach tour bus might be right for you and your friends. First, sleeping arrangements are essential. Our band tour bus offers 8-12 bunks that each have their own television. This is really a perfect set-up, because there are going to be those times when you just want some personal time (as opposed to butting heads and messing with band cohesion over something as trivial as what show to watch). Our band tour bus also includes a kitchenette (because, let’s face, you’re going to get tired of fast food restaurants and diners real fast), a lounge area (great if you want to do a jam session on the fly), and a shower (because there’s grunge, and then there’s grungy). Finally, a KLS band tour bus comes with DirecTV and Wi-Fi, so you can always stay plugged in.

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