Elton John and His Million Dollar Piano at the Coloseum at Ceasar's Palace Las Vegas KLS Limousine February 26, 2016

One of the most famed musicians of our time, Elton John sets up shop at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas as part of a three-year stint for his new hit show “Million Dollar Piano.” The show is a remarkable visual spectacle as much as it is a concert with a set that includes the “other star of the show,” a piano named Blossom that took four years to build. Blossom adds a new dimension to the spectacle – with 68 LED video screens that face the crowd; producers are able to flash imagery that complements the songs, such as images of Elizabeth Taylor during his tribute to his late friend with the song “Blue Eyes.”

Despite the impressive set, however, this show is centered around the one and only Elton John, the Rocket Man himself, who truly showcases his personality and brings as much showmanship and star power as anyone could hope to find in a Las Vegas show – and only ShowTickets.com can bring it all to you at a discounted price!



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