Book our Rolls Royce Limousine to go to ABC Television Center Studios KLS Limo is the premiere car service for ABC Television Center Studios October 30, 2015

opened in 1912 as Vitagraph Studios, making it one of the oldest studios in Hollywood.
eventually purchased by Warner Bros in 1925

ABC Television acquired the studio property in 1949, and opened the world’s largest, state-of-the-art television center.

“The old Vitagraph lot, then ABC, now Disney in East Hollywood, once had a large backlot, but by the time of television, the backlot was gone. For an early live western tv show, the side of one of the sound stages was painted to look like a western town or desert scene or something, and the show was show live from in front of that painted building.” – Jerry S.

“I’ve been told that all the scenes [in 42nd STREET] inside the theater were shot at Prospect on [what was known as] the Vitaphone theater stage. That stage later became Studio E at ABC, (now Stage 5). Eventually, the auditorium end of the stage was demolished to make way for a new studio now called Stage 4. The Vitaphone stage was sort of like the Phantom stage at Universal in that a portion of it had a permanent auditorium set with seats and boxes. It was removed once ABC took over. The old TV series SPACE PATROL was shot on those combined stages.” – Richard P.



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