Explore Istanbul in Style with KLS Luxury Transportation November 20, 2014

It was originally called Byzantium – but no matter what you call it, this glittering gem on the Bosporus known later as Constantinople and today as Istanbul beckons hordes of tourists every year from around the world. Now, KLS Transportation Services has added this exciting and romantic city to the long list of exciting destinations it services.

People come to Istanbul for the city’s exciting culture, rich history, glorious architecture, and of course, it vibrant nightlife. While many American of a certain age may not the city as the topic of a novelty song first performed in 1953 by the Four Lads and later made famous in 1990 by the alternative pop group, They Might Be Giants, there’s a lot more than novelty to Istanbul.

If you’re headed for this bustling metropolis – once dubbed “the New Rome” – you may be on the search for reliable limousine service. Interestingly enough, one of the most reputable names for luxury transportation in Istanbul is a company called KLS Transportation Services, Inc. It’s just one of numerous cities around the world in which the company provides outstanding transportation.

Travelers jet-setting to Istanbul often reach out to KLS to help with arranging the finest transportation in the city. KLS is based in Los Angeles, but has ridden a wave of positive word-of-mouth beyond Southern California and around the globe. KLS is becoming a truly worldwide phenomenon, and anyone who has enjoyed their elegant and dependable services understands that the sky’s the limit for this limo service in Los Angeles.

KLS employs the most experienced and highly trained chauffeurs in the industry. Armed with cutting edge technology – the office utilizes electronic dispatch and the drivers all record their trips with Samsung Galaxy Tablets – the team at KLS has dominated the luxury transportation market by offering first-class services at extremely competitive rates.

It was only a matter of time before the KLS brand became internationally recognized.

Exceptional customer care. Efficient and reliable service. Affordable rates. These are business values that transcend national and cultural borders. That is why KLS is known and respected around the world as a company that goes above and beyond what its customers expect of a luxury transportation service.

The company’s 24 hour, live reservations center is available to answer any questions and book all last minute transportation requests. If you are in Los Angeles, ask about convenient flat airport rates.

Call 877-936-LIMO or visit online at www.klsla.com to find out more about the KLS limousine service in Los Angeles. Make sure to inquire about transportation options in Istanbul, where KLS can help turn your overseas adventure into a truly marvelous experience.


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